When to See a Podiatrist in Canberra

If you experience any of the following issues, it’s a good time to come and see the podiatrist at Your Happy Feet in Canberra. Come see us if you notice pain in your feet, ingrown or discoloured skin/nails, corns, skin rashes, foot odour, foot injuries, have broader health problems such as diabetes or arthritis, recurrent tripping or falling, problems fitting comfortably in your regular shoes; or if you notice swelling, lumps, or redness on your feet or legs. If any of this sounds familiar, call or email us today to book a consultation.

Common Misconceptions

It is a common misconception that painful feet are a normal side effect from everyday activities. Yet research shows that only a fraction of individuals suffering from sore feet seek out professional advice. Just as you would visit your dentist for a toothache, you should visit a podiatrist if you suffer from painful or tired feet and/or lower limbs.

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Gait Analysis

Gait simply refers to the way a person walks. An abnormal gait can be caused by one or more parts of the body (such as the hips or knees) underperforming.

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Shoe Fitting

You may be wearing incorrectly fitted shoes and simply not be aware of this. Whatever the circumstance, here is how you can help to ensure your shoes fit correctly.

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School Shoes

Learn how to support growing feet – at school and beyond. Your children’s feet will spend most of their growth period in school shoes.

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Foot Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your feet or lower limbs? This can provide clues to many related ailments throughout your body.

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Have you wondered about the connection between diabetes and your feet? Here is what you need to know about your feet and diabetes.

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Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are common skin conditions of the feet that can be easily treated, but good foot care and properly fitted shoes can prevent them developing.

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Fungal & Nail Infection

Many people experience fungal and nail infections. Read on to see how to avoid these types of infections, and what to do if you have an infection on your feet or toenails.

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